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I remastered Bitter Bluebird as it and a few other albums are headed toward iTunes finally. I feel a bit like George Lucas redoing all the special effects in Star Wars.

New masters

Just did the new Billy Mack Collector album

and remastered and released the new Todd Robinson cd

More Than One Way, by Austin Miller

Austin Miller is a wonderful songwriter. I had the pleasure of mixing, mastering and playing some instruments on this beautiful album.

Great band from Spain

I had the luck of mastering this wonderful band from Spain last week, Pajarita. Check it out. I think we’ll be working together in the future.


I love that new studio smell.

Well, its official, Silent Home Records has moved our studio to DeKalb, IL. We’re just about set up and ready to record and master even more projects. 


Recently, I’ve been working on finishing up some projects. An Ep of poems, a cd of 3 classical pieces, some demos for friends. Its been a good summer behind a mixing board. 

Christopher Bell has a new album out tomorrow. Featuring Joel Murray on drums and more cello than you can shake a stick at. check it out at the link above. 

Just mastered this last week. its an amazing amazing album.

Partnership with Mellow Phone Printing

A message from our friends at Mellow Phone Printing:

Mellow Phone Printing is best buds with Silent Home Records. In conducting business with Silent Home Records you have built a relationship with a cool dude that is passionate about music and quality. We assume that you are probably cool too. We like cool people and would like to build a relationship with you. Ipso facto badda bing, you get a 5% discount on your first order with us if you mention Silent Home Records. We provide CD printing and duplication services and do custom screen printing and button production. Check us us out at for more info. thanks, Mellow Phone Printing


These Win Peter Winters Remasters are amazing. I almost understand why George Lucas redoes Star Wars with new technology every 10 years.